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Welcome to Backgammon

Welcome to Backgammon, the best place on the internet to find both gambling backgammon, and also free backgammon games. I have found some great backgammon resources, and hopefully you will be able to find the level of backgammon that you are interested in playing online.


If you are interested in learning about backgammon, there is a basic introduction to backgammon on this site, so just browse around, and find out what you need to know about backgammon. If you wish to play backgammon now, please click on the banner to go ahead and play back gammon.

Introduction to Backgammon the Game

Backgammon is a game played between two people, and although it depends on the skill of the players, backgammon also depends quite a lot on the luck of the roll of the dice. Backgammon was first played by the ancient Greeks and Romans, and can be dated back nearly five thousand years ago. However, the game we know as backgammon today is the refined version, that the English played in the 17th century, they were the one’s who refined the game of backgammon, and ultimately named it Backgammon. However, backgammon is still a popular in both Greece and Cyprus.


Backgammon today, is played both as a friendly time passer between friends, and also played for money between the more serious players of Backgammon.

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Why Play Backgammon?

Although quite a few people now play backgammon as a gambling game, it is still a really fun way to pass time. Because of the fact that backgammon does not entirely rely on skill, but also on the luck of the dice, it makes it an all round fun game to play. With it being possible for even beginners to the game of backgammon to take on the professionals, and win.


Although I would not suggest it to anyone to try and gamble money in their first game of backgammon, it is possible for the newbie players of backgammon to take on the backgammon pro’s.


Play backgammon for fun, but if you feel that you have the skills in the game backgammon to make yourself money, do it, and although you might not become a millionaire over night, if you are good enough at the game of backgammon, go ahead, and try to make some money.

Are you Ready to Play Backgammon?

If you feel you are ready to play backgammon, click on the banner at the top of the page to go to a great international area for backgammon players.


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